Hey, let's make a fashion video!

A short stop motion project

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As many people may already know, I'm quite an avid follower of photography, including model photography. I've previously worked with models professionally, and on occasion tagged along to shoots just for the fun of it. While photography was simply a pastime, I still follow quite a few photographers, models and brands on social media.

Last weekend one of my friends, Kesh, and I went to the movies to watch Creed (which was brilliant by the way). She had on shorts, a buttoned denim shirt and a straw panama styled hat, and I commented that she looked like a model for American Eagle. She hadn't heard of them before so we opened up Instagram and she had a look, agreeing that their styles were quite similar.

I love taking photos, and after the movie we took a ton of them. While Kesh isn't a model, being a brand manager does give her a keen eye for all things creative. Between the two of us, we managed to brainstorm ideas and poses on the fly - getting some pretty cool shots. Initially the plan was for me to edit or retouch the pics, but when I got home, copied them to my computer and saw them all together - inspiration struck and I had this crazy, cool idea to instead create a video.

As I've worked with 2D and 3D animation in the past, I'm quite familiar with stop motion as a technique. It still took a while though (roughly two and a half days) to manually place individual images onto a timeline, resize, position, edit, etc, etc. Granted, the entire thing would have been a lot easier if I thought of the idea before shooting. Nevertheless the end result was the same - a kick ass stop motion, fashion-style video.

Drop the bass!

Music: Blasterjaxx - Fifteen

Although more photos would’ve yielded a longer video, I was still quite pleased with the final product. As was Kesh, she couldn’t stop raving about it! It just goes to show that you don’t need to be a pro model or pro photographer - you can still do rather impressive stuff with a bit of imagination and creativity!