Beautiful. Perfect. Singapore

A day in the Lion City

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After the time spent in Bali, Singapore was a very brief stop as our flight back to South Africa was from there. We got to spend roughly one full day in Singapore, which really wasn't enough time to do much but still an exceptional experience nonetheless.

We arrived at around midday. Changi International Airport is possibly one of the fanciest airports ever been to. From colourful gardens throughout the terminals to artistic and creative displays such as 1216 automated bronze droplets suspended from the ceiling called 'Kinetic Rain'. This was but a small glimpse into what Singapore had to offer.

We took a 20 minute cab drive from the airport to our hotel in Orchard - checked in, left our luggage and zipped off to make the most of what little time we had. Orchard is not only the area but also the name of main road that runs through it. It is a marvelously revamped retail district comprising of large, elaborate malls as well as rows of top brand name stores along the road.

Singapore is a beautiful city and very well maintained. Everything is neat, clean and in its place. Well, with signs denoting $1000 fines if caught littering, it's easy to see why. It also has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, given the people of Orchard also seemed to be quite well off so there wasn't even the slightest hint of crime in the area. We walked along Orchard Road taking in the sights and checking out some of the stores till late in the evening.

The next morning we took a bus slightly further away to explore a bit more. We went to a place called Sunshine Plaza, as well as checked out other places and shops while walking along the streets. We then took a bus to Lucky Plaza and finally to Paragon - one of the classier malls, where they were having a full on fashion show for a new range of Adolfo Dominguez clothing. We watched that until we went back to the hotel to pack, check out and wait for our cab to the airport.

Unfortunately with the limited time we had in Singapore we couldn't get to see many of the great touristy spots. I would've loved to go on the Singapore Flyer - the second tallest Ferris wheel in the world. I bet the view and photo ops up there are amazeballs! Maybe next time, Singapore.