Wednesday Night Sailing

A blissfully serene evening

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Last week there was a power outage at the office. So Paul, my boss, phoned the Royal Yacht Club and booked out the boardroom for us to work in for the day. Paul is well known at the yacht club and has sailed all over the world within the last 20 years. Once we were done for the day Paul invited us along to sail around the harbour with him and his buddies. I was so amped for it! I could't think of anything more relaxing than chilling aboard a yacht after a busy day at work.

Sailing takes place every Wednesday with everyone meeting at the boat at 5pm. There are quite a lot of other sailors and yacht owners that come out to race and compete for the best times. We were there more for leisure, and were roughly 12 of us on board and I introduced myself to Greg, the yacht owner, and the others. Lorna, a photographer I've been on shoots with previously, and her boyfriend were also aboard - and I made a new friend, Lori, a amazingly talented and energetic artist from the States.

Although it had drizzled briefly, the sea was quite calm and there were moments of lulls in the wind which afforded us a really comfortable sail. I relaxed on the deck taking photos and shooting some video. Paul was explaining a bunch of sailing techniques to me, such as how the sails work and knowing when and how much to move them to catch the wind. He's really sharp and knows a helluva lot.

We sailed for two hours before docking, then got a braai going on at the back of the yacht. It was the bomb! As the wide selection of meats made their way off the braai, Cindy, Greg's girlfriend, neatly sliced them up and lay them out on the chopping board along with a range of salads - delicious!

I caught up with Lorna as it's been a while since we last saw each other, and I chatted to Lori a bit too. Lorna's boyfriend, Ant, even played the guitar and sang for everyone. We all ate, chilled, chatted and laughed till around 10pm. The entire evening was simply euphoric. Everyone was really fun and hospitable and invited me to join them anytime whenever I want to. I definitely will take them up on that offer, and perhaps invite a friend or two along.